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Thermal Services

Green Globe delivers engineering, construction, and environmental remediation solutions to the challenges facing government and commercial organizations worldwide.  Green Globe reaches markets throughout the world including China, Hungary, Czech republic, Romania, Belgium, Spain, Australia and the United States.  Our team will handle all aspects of your waste treatment project from design, construction. We turn our clients’ visions into realities through listening, leveraging our expertise, and acting in

their best interests.


A Committed Leader in the Thermal Remediation Industry

Green Globe provides innovative and efficient thermal treatment options to our clients at competitive prices. We design and operate thermal desorption systems to treat soils, incorporating the most advanced technology in the business by applying value engineering principles along with continuous quality improvement processes. Our state-of-the-art indirect thermal treatment systems have passed the most stringent emission requirements imposed to date by the EU, US and Australian Environmental Protection Agencies.


Making the Best Even Better

Thermal treatment is not new to Green Globes thermal professionals. Since engineering our first unit in 1993, our thermal professionals have continued to innovate through researching, engineering, and testing quality improvement theories and practices. Units designed and constructed under our direction have treated millions of tons of soil on projects worldwide. We have operated systems in some of the most remote locations and extreme conditions in the world—from remote sites in emerging EU countries to Australia and the United States. Our innovative team of thermal experts have created thermal systems that dramatically reduce setup time, footprint, and downtime, while increasing throughput and lowering costs.


Introducing the Next Generation of Green Thermal Desorption Units

Our latest and most advanced projects incorporates state-of-the-art advances in burner

design, off -gas and water treatment, process measurement, and computer control systems that increase productivity and reduce client costs. The parallel rotary dryer design increases efficiency and reduces fuel requirements. With sustained treatment rates of up to 50 tons per hour.  Our plants maintain up to a 99.999 % Destruction removal efficiency while meeting the reuse standards for the treated soil thus offering our clients a

low-risk, highly efficient solution to their treatment needs.

Green Globe engineering and operations professionals provide a full range of services supporting thermal remediation, including:


• Pilot scale studies

• Federal and state permitting

• Proof of Performance testing

• Regulatory compliance and interface

• Design, build, operation, and maintenance

• Associated site remediation services including excavation, material handling,

construction, and site restoration

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